www.DronesOfPrey.com GoPro HERO 3 Unboxing and Review “Black Edition” What’s In The Box HERO3: Black Edition Camera 197’/ 60m Waterproof Housing* Wi-Fi Remote + Key Ring Remote Charging Cable Rechargeable Li-ion Battery QR Buckle J-Hook Buckle 3-Way Pivot 1 Curved Adhesive Mount 1 Flat Adhesive Mount Assorted Mounts and Hardware USB Charging Cable In this video we will be reviewing and unboxing the GoPro HERO 3 ” Black Edition” camera. The HERO 3 boasts some pretty incredible specs for a small action camera. We will answer questions about compatibility with your older go pro accessories as well as highlighting the [More]
Modular Home video. Michigan’s one stop modular housing center.
4774174 (JPY) per unit. Contractors in Japan have capacity to deliver about 60000 units, but the Japanese government has appealed to a number of countries to deliver the additional 12000 prefabricated homes required. Up to 160000 people are living in temporary shelters including sports facilities and schools since the earthquake struck. From Building Magazine.
A radically new housing concept with the world fastest energy-saving composite construction material RexWall. RexWall material is ideal for use around the world to provide housing and community infrastructure to undeveloped regions and disaster relief areas. World demand for houses clearly exceeds supply many times over. Among many factors contributing to it are price and inability to build fast enough. From our emergency relief solutions to our prefabricated homes, we provide a cutting-edge approach that is innovative, versatile and compassionate to the global community who needs it most.
OCTAGON PROFESSIONAL (M) SDN BHD – MALAYSIA octagonm@gmail.com The video presents the construction process of a 100m2 built-up area prefabricated house built using sandwich panels. The panels for the walls and the roof are made to fit in the factory and transported to the site for installation. The panels provide excellent insullation against heat and have a life span of more than 10 years guaranteed. The interior finishes can be modified to the demand of the owner including floors and ceiling. All the components of the house are fit into a 40ft container and can be constructed fully in less [More]
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The most eminent British researchers in the field of science and technology are Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Robert Hooke, Robert Boyle, Joseph Priestley, JJ Thomson, Charles Babbage, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Christopher Wren, Alan Turing, Francis Crick, Joseph Lister, Tim Berners-Lee, Paul Dirac, Andrew Wiles and Richard Dawkins.
Uallas is an exemplary house with personality. This progressive design features flexible indoor and outdoor spaces. The striking modern appearance is achieved with sustainable and affordable materials to deliver the maximum space and features. This structure stands up to the demands of the contemporary family.
Boyan is a modern nomad; he was born in Bulgaria, is a resident of the Netherlands has lived in the UK, Ireland, India, Israel, Palestine and Brazil (he has many jobs, including solar panel installer, professional street artist). So when he began working for a friend’s yurt company, helping set up Mongolian gers, he fell in love with the lifestyle and soon bought his own traditional mobile home. It’s been almost a year since he and his partner moved into their 21 square meter ger (the Mongolian term for “home”) and they love its simplicity and the freedom it affords [More]

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