Juli Capella designs buildings showcasing the latest in green design, but he doesn’t believe in the labels (eco-design, green buildings, green skyscrapers).
Reinforced Concrete using recycled materials mixed in the concrete.
Modernes Fachwerkhaus von Davinci. Villa am See. www.davinci-haus.de.
Immobilienvideo der Stadtvilla “Potsdam”
Frame and Sheath on the same table. The combo fits in a small footprint.
HGTV NETWORK “Beyond The Box”, October 15, 2008. Segment featuring Dan and Chris’ LV Series Home.
Granny Annexe is pleased to launch a brand new range of cottage-style homes. Since 2007 our company has built over 1000 garden buildings, garden lodges and g…
EKTA Parksville is a 15-storey high rise residential project that offers you the most spectacular and uninterrupted view of the city around. This, combined w…

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