Video preview of our standard project for the HSTouch Android client.
DE59KXZ Dangerous Overtake InterServe Support Services were offered a chance to respond & apologise but failed to do so… Watch the car in front, he passes …
Zie hier, het concept: VDM Design. U tekent uw meubels, onmiddellijke prijsopgave, 3D realistische weergave en even later wordt alles geproduceerd in ons mod…
Ggreen building. Passive-house with solar panels and windmill. Vertical turbine.
http://www.msdpanels.com Decorative wall panel installation. See how easy it is to install these faux finishes.
Sorcha is a stylish and practical solution for larger families. A culmination of Cropka design ideals, Sorcha combines affordable and sustainable building materials with energy efficiency to provide a spacious and elegant living space. Like all Cropka conceptions, the simple and well-proportioned layout offers excellent opportunities for modification and personalisation. Sorcha delivers extensive features including workspaces and a garage. For further details visit: www.cropka.com
An example of what is now possible with prefabricated homes! Davinci Haus, a german kit-home producer of high quality designer post+beam houses providing a modern sustainable solution to living in the 21st century. www.davinci-house.com
Owner/founder, Ryan Grey Smith discusses the overall philosophy of the idea & design of the Dwelling-Shed. Filmed by friend/photographer, Dominic Arizona Bon…
Camp Parks – OMS – Building Erection.
Launching our Green Your Home series, Alok Jha introduces his project to make his own house more environmentally friendly.

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