Mege factory that production container house is Chinese NO.1. We can make many different modified container products. More products pls visit our Website:www.megeshelters.com. More information and any questions pls contact with us:Jusion@megeshelters.com
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myownloghomecompany.com My Own Log Home Company | 1-800-521-5647 | 516 River Street, Ellijay, ga, 30540, North Georgia “This part of the process is were the treated timbers are left to air dry and they will stay in this environment for about 90 days. And what is happening here, mother nature through the movement of air current, through as you can see between the layers, and between the timbers and there is enough separation there to allow the moisture; when they come out of the treating process, they are literally expanded with the amount of materials that are injected pressured into [More]
Hey guys, just scout here showing you HIS way of building a cave house. DO NOT JUDGE, ITS JUST HOW HE DOES IT!!!! Have fun 😛 -=Steve=-
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Awesome video of shape memory polymers that can autonomously assemble into three-dimensional shapes on application of an electrical current. Taken from the f…
97 year old house moved from Vancouver to Union Bay, Vancouver Island….shot using Canon 550D and swann HD freestyle sports camera….
Sunset Breezehouse : BreezeSpace floor module being crane set onto its permanent foundation (near Napa, CA). This is the second of 5 Modules that make up thi…

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