Modular Housing System a technology for Modernist Architecture. MHS aluminum construction technology developed by architect Tim Siahatgar inventor of this Unique Structural Systems. US SYSTEMS. www.modularhousingsystem.com
Homelodge feature on “My Flat Pack Home”
HAP Architects Feature on Home Channels, ‘My Flat Pack Home’. Season 2 Episode 2. An October Films production for Home. UK Channel Management Ltd MMXI
These innovative housing designs can be built in days and cost as little as $40000, but could you live in one?
Gilbert and Maria are fulfilling their dream to build a country pile. They have chosen a flat pack design – a three bedroom oak-framed arts and crafts style house. This project was featured in the series My Flat-Pack Home: lovehome.co.uk/flatpack building a bungalow, amanda lamb
more info: www.euromodul-containers.com EUROmodul have long development experience in production of prefabricated objects. FLAT PACK container prefabricated object system is suitable for long distance transport ! On one long veichle can stand around 12 containers, which are grouped as; office containers, storage container, housing / living containers, toilet / shower containers, etc… For assembling one FLAT PACK container with instruction manual provided by EUROmodul company, client need at maximum 40 minutes ! All additional informations see on company web site www.flatpack-containers.org
Warwick Buildings as featured on ‘My Flat Pack Home’ shown on the digital Televison Channel. For more information on flat packed buildings contact 01926 815757.
We are filmed and interviewed by Amanda Lamb for a tv series aired on uktv Home channel

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