Get Inspired! Order your FREE full colour magazine at www.civicsteeldesign.com.au. New custom built homes, designed for the Queensland climate. Building from…
http://www.r-control.com. An Ultra Energy-Efficient Home in the Desert – Bobvila.com’s EnergyWise project demonstrates home site, design, and materials combi…
working on a funky entrance to our self built home recording studio.
Building a revolving stage and set for Les Mis. Centrestage March 2011.
HEADED FOR GREENER PASTURES — How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Picnic — By Ernabel Demillo, for www.healthystylenyc.com I love summer picnics, but I hate all th…
Government eco town consultation video what an eco town might look like.
The ‘house for New Orleans’ prefab model, part of MoMa 2008 Prefab housing show. designed by Larry Sass from MIT.
The clip neil-offers-to-split from Heat (1995) with Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Back to work. L.A.P.D. Gee, what? Where the fuck did this heat come from? Maybe it’s the score they were onto. The place, not us. Because it’s been hit a couple of times, you know. Assume they got our phones, assume they got our houses… …assume they got us right here, right now as we sit. Everything. Assume it all. How we gonna buy the bank package from Kelso? I’ll front that. That’s not a problem. What happens to Van [More]

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