“Black Kettle” hasn’t lived in a home since 1974 which might explain why he chose to build his own when he finally opted for a roof over his head. Short of the insulation just about everything is secondhand. Here he shows us his windows from a remodel job, the old fence posts he used for exterior walls, his outdoor bed and his backyard garden with corn and amaranth. Original story here: faircompanies.com
www.feuerwehr-iggensbach.de Fa. Alois Luger, Zimmerei und Holzbau, Jederschwing 1,94535 Eging am See www.holzbau-luger.de.
News PKG on Wee House and Alchemy Architects. Example of my work at WCCO.
Ceremony to celebrate the finishing of the SIPS construction at West Street Vineyard
Visit: http://www.sweethomeeu.com/en The foundation of the prefabricated houses is in the general case monolithic and made of reinforced concrete. The type a…
Invershin prefabricated eco house erected in 7 days www.makarconstruction.com www.neilsutherlandarchitects.com.
High electricity bills prompted engineer and inventor, Milenko Milenkovic to build his first eco-friendly house in the Serbian town of Boljevci. He says the dome-shaped house, 18.5 meters in diameter is up to 80 percent more energy efficient than a conventional house of the same size. The house’s glass-covered dome was built from 110 square meters of solar panels and a special type of concrete. One third of the house is covered with earth and there are two layers of walls, allowing the air between to circulate and serve as insulation from heat and cold. The house is so well [More]
Grandparents,parents,children all of them under one roof. This traditional model for living is becoming less common in Germany,and so-called multi-generational homes have been decreasing in number for years now. But in these economically uncertain times,many makers of prefabricated houses say more and more of their customers are asking for multi-generational homes for extended families.Prefab manufacturer Okal is one of the companies profiting from the trend. Multi-generational houses account for some 30 percent of the firm’s sales. Just a few years ago Okal had actually wanted to remove the model from its range because there was so little demand. The company’s [More]
When Susana remodeled her small apartment she wanted a large space for entertaining, but she didn’t want a lofted bedroom nor a murphy bed. With a “real” bed…

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