The Passive House in the Woods (www.passivehouseinthewoods.com) is a 1900 square foot two-story single family home with walk-out basement level, and a rooftop terrace. It was commissioned by a private client, designed by TE Studio, and constructed by Morr Construction. It sits on just over one acre in the Town of Hudson, WI – minutes from Interstate 94. Located on the outer edge of a residential development, the home overlooks the St. Croix River Valley. The building lot provides stunning views and prime passive solar exposure. The property’s north boundary is heavily wooded and borders undeveloped land. The design of [More]
Bensonwood’s Lifestyle Matrix: Explained.
Shannon from www.house-improvements.com shows you now to use the Dow Froth-Pak spray foam insulation setup to DIY install of spray foam.
Tara uses her creative flair to make a start on decorating the new flat pack house.
Tara uses fabulous dark wallpaper in the master bedroom but keeps it bright in the kids’ room.
Tom Schultz talks about the 3 critical to Custom Homes & Remodeling! Schultz Custom Homes and Remodeling
ROSE Cottage Project- Video #9 – Using Large Stone. We used large stone from on site to create a retaining and slope stabilization ‘wall” on the north side of the ROSE Cottage. Recycling on site material saves money and is a sustainable way to put available material to the highest and best use. At the toe of slope we used wood chips to form our erosion control barrier—the chips we made on site from low grade wood species during the lot clearing operation. Our RCM (ROSE Construction Method) zero net energy home project is situated on an 8.86 acre parcel [More]
Landmark Home and Land Company has developed a variety of home plans which allow you to build your new home for about $60000 to $120000. We can help you build anywhere in the United States and even worldwide. We provide the plans and panelized home kit which is very affordable and you do the rest to build the home. We can make some plan changes. If required by your building department, we can also provide structural engineering for hurricanes and earthquakes. See our website at www. LHLC.com
www.thevenusproject.com www.thezeitgeistmovement.com On the 26th of March, 2011, Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project took us on a tour around the research centre. If you are interested in taking a tour yourself, visit www.thevenusproject.com to help support the project, and learn more about it. [Part 1-7] Jacque talks for about 90 minutes, on a range of general subjects that encompass a Resource Based Economy Part 1 www.youtube.com Part 2 www.youtube.com Part 3 www.youtube.com Part 4 www.youtube.com Part 5 www.youtube.com Part 6 www.youtube.com Part 7 www.youtube.com Virtual tour around The Venus Project Part 8 www.youtube.com [Part 9-12] Jacque [More]
Marriott Property Investments…Eco-Builds….Just some of the stunning examples under our ‘ ECO-LOGICAL’ range…Studios, Cabins, Cottages,Lodges and Pods. The Finest Quality Timber KIT HOMES ….designed in UK and Germany, manufactured in Finland and supplied and constructed for the Global Market.

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