www.NorthlineExpress.com demonstrates the Barrel Stove Kits by Vogelzang. Great value, long burn time, holds a LOT of firewood, easy to build! Transform a steel barrel into a heat radiating wood stove! The Vogelzang Deluxe Airtight Barrel Stove Kit is completely cast iron and easily converts a 55 or 30 gallon drum into a highly efficient heater. The Deluxe Airtight Barrel Stove Kit features a large feed door, a separate gasketed ash cleanout door engineered for “easy clean” ash removal, a “cool touch” cam-lock type door latch, two counter weighted spin dial draft controls, cast iron legs, installation hardware and a [More]
ROSE Cottage Project video describing the access trail construction to the pond and the permitting associated with it.
In our Grassroots Green segment, we look at a new business that’s turning trash into emergency shelters.
www.DIYownerbuilder.com Would you like to build your own home? We can help you become an owner builder and get you up to 100% financing for Land, ALL Materials, and Labor! When you participate in our owner builder program, you can act as your own general contractor with our assistance. Whether you are an experienced builder or someone with no building experience, we can help you build your own home. Our owner builder program was designed to help families build their own custom home and save thousands of dollars in the process by cutting out the builder profit. As an owner [More]
A short video shows the interior contents, artwork, and text from Derek Diedricksen’s 100% independent, trash-funded, hand assembled book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” which was recently featured on NPR with host Jon Kalish. The book is available for purchase through www.relaxshacks.com
This is a walkthrough of our 3 bedroom House Purposely Built for The Tiwi Islands Indigenous Community.
JNC Pty Ltd provides engineering services to Modra Hayes for the design and fabrication of the modpodTM. Become a friend of modpodTM on Face Book at: www.facebook.com See more about the modpodTM at: www.modpod.co Channel 7 ran an article on the modpodTM in South Australia in early December 2009, In the first week of January 2010, they ran the same article again but this time nationally.
SupremeMasterTV.com • AJAR1471; Aired on 24 Sep 2010 Interview with artist Hally Thacher who shares her concept in eco-friendly design and introduces her creation, the sustainable PopUP house, which can be customized and built anywhere. • Please share those videos through facebook and other means. Subscribe, comment and like it are fully appreciated. The videos are in the public domain and free to use in any beneficial way. Download Link video.suprememastertv.com Next: www.youtube.com
www.prefabricatedhomessupply.com Prefabricated homes are a cost-effective, time saving building option gaining popularity with general contractors and home builders. Panelized construction streamlines the building process, saving time and money for builders in a difficult economy. More and more builders are making the move to panelized homes as a way to beat the downturn,
Minna Rhee explains the advantages and disadvantages of a prefabricated house – and why they can be so tempting to buy.

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