ROSE Cottage Project- Video #10 – Geothermal Ground Loop Prep. The lower level concrete slab will be constructed over a 12″ layer of sand and R20 insulation. The sand layer will have both a solar thermal heating loop and a geo-exhange loop which work together as a “hybrid” system (E-max™ Hybrid) for high efficiency geothermal heating. Our RCM (ROSE Construction Method) zero net energy home project is situated on an 8.86 acre parcel on the shore of Turtle Pond in Concord, NH with 6.74 acres in conservation easement.
Removing the old carpet and prepping the floors for hardwood… Just trying out this time lapse app that I got for my phone.. Sorry about the crappy tune..
IMMA Global AS: Michéle Prefabricated Houses www.immaglobal.com
A timelapse of the most boring activity known to mankind – actually I quite enjoyed putting this wardrobe together.
Once one of our sofas is assembled it is as strong as, if not not stronger than a conventional sofa. If you would like to learn more about our full range please visit us at www.intosofa.com or email us info@intosofa.com.
With very little instruction, anyone can build their own home, or so argues natural building expert Michael G. Smith. Since the early nineties he’s been teaching people to do just that with natural materials like cob and straw bale and he says it’s quite simple. Smith shows us the natural homes (from cob, straw bale, clay wattle and slip straw) at the Emerald Earth Sanctuary, an intentional community in Mendocino, California where he currently lives and teaches. Original story here: faircompanies.com
The LV Home Series modern kit homes by Rocio Romero www.RocioRomero.com
This is a great way to acquire the equipment you’ll need to make your first, and many batches of home made beer. Easy, satisfying, and inexpensive. Go to DYIbeer.com
Here’s the things you will need: 1/2″X12″ Pipe Fittings (x2) – useth.at 1/2″X6″ Pipe Fittings (x2) – useth.at 1/2″ Caps (x3) – useth.at 1/2″ T fittings – useth.at WD-40 – useth.at 17/64 Drill Bit – useth.at Electric Drill – useth.at Wrench : This one is very versatile and cheap. It handle 16 of the most popular sizes including 7/16 – useth.at Use 1/4″ 20 hardware. This is also called a coarse thread. There is also 1/4″ fine thread. Make sure not to use that or the camera won’t thread on. Find out how much your camera weighs in order to [More]
www.neo7cnc.com I cut a part for a portable air conditioner. It accepts the exhaust vent pipe and allows me to vent to the outside through the foundation vent.

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