Next time on Better Homes and Gardens Joh meets country singer Adam Brand, Ed whips up classic Aussie damper and Karen prepares beach-inspired kebabs.
A European-style home that requires no heating is built in Vermont. Related Article: http://nyti.ms/cLVcHP.
isorast ist das erste zertifizierte Massivwandsystem für Passivhäuser.
NY Passive House Contractor, EcoBrooklyn just received their Triple Pane Windows from Europe. The windows will help the Passive House in Harlem achieve its n…
DiY House Crashers -Media Romm Makeover episode-Part 3.
www.EcoPlusHome.com is an experimental house powered using alternative energy generation technologies. The house will be equipped with a geothermal heat pump, a solar thermal system and a photovoltaic system, which will all operate together to create a net zero house. The solar thermal system will generate heat for the hot water, which it will draw from free solar radiation. The geothermal heat pump will draw warmer air from the ground and the photovoltaic system will generate CO2-free electricity to power the house. In today’s video Bryan shows the EcoPlusHome being put together on site. The EcoPlusHome is a prefabricated new [More]
Newton developed the concepts of universal gravitation, Newtonian mechanics and infinitesimal calculus and Robert Hooke formulated his eponymous laws of elas…
http://www.pioneersales.ca | Top-rated steel buildings provider in Ontario. Commercial, industrial, residential. Metal sheds and garages. We excel in custome…
this is part of my dissertation project. its a 3d replica of my house, the aim was to make an interactive video but that went to pot so ive done a normal walkthrough style video instead.

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