calearth.org this film shows how a pile of earth, dug out from the building site, is turned into a small house called Eco- Dome (moon cocoon model), using the Superadobe technology. It documents how professionals and students from many countries training at Cal-Earth Institute built this structure. It is intended for use with materials and tools developed for instruction during the apprenticeship retreat at Cal-Earth. Superadobe technology was first presented by the architect to NASA for lunar habitats, and can build single or clustered homes on earth which are resistant to fire, floods, wind storms and earthquakes.
On an off-grid property in Philo, California (Mendocino County), Loren Amelang built a home that would help him generate “free hot water, free power and a decent chunk of free heat”. The entire south side of his home is covered in solar capture devices: 1600 watts of photovoltaic power, solar hot water panels, a sunroom/greenhouse and a solar hot air collector. “The sunroom/greenhouse provides most of the free heat”. Putting his technical skills to use (he’s a pioneer in C++ programming), Amelang wrote over 10000 lines of code so that his home’s water and electric systems could be operated more [More]
talking manly cups, bikes, kit houses and general chit chat 🙂
The KIT houses the largest experimental fish facility in Europe with a capacity of more than 300.000 fish. The facility is now being further enlarged to serve as a European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC). This center will be unique as it will not only maintain and distribute a large number of existing mutant and transgenic zebrafish lines but will also provide screening services and technologies such as imaging and high-throughput sequencing. In close interaction with physicists, engineers and IT specialists, we are actively expanding the medium/high throughput screening technologies that have been recently established at KIT. Key areas include automation [More]
This video shows an example of the Homelodge Accommodation 9.1 range which was featured on the TV series “My Flat Pack Home”. The building is used as a gym/office.
www.WINDENERGY7.COM – – – – Your source for affordable small wind turbines and small wind turbine hardware systems, controllers, supplies. Inventor of the RoofMill™ home wind turbine kit, small wind turbines are our main expertise. WindEnergy7 has more options for small wind turbines because of our many innovations with inventions and patents making small wind power possible. We are not an importer, we are a manufacturer featuring durable american steel manufactured in Ohio USA. With an installed base from California to New Jersey, Europe, and canada, our all weather systems are ready for your environment. https www.solarsanantonio.org RoofMill™ small wind [More]
GINGERFAIL HOUSE. Oh and I realized the problem was that the frosting stuff was wayyy too runny when I used it. Awk. www.twitter.com/jillstrif
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www.WINDENERGY7.COM – – Home Wind Turbines, We patented the home wind turbine kit for people to easily install and deploy a home wind turbine. Home wind turbines for business, farm, and residential. Our home wind turbine is a precision machined and well balanced home wind turbine. Our patented rooftop home wind turbine kits have hybrid wind technology. We invented the only rooftop home wind turbine that’s safe and quiet for your home, certified in every state to 130mph. WindEnergy7 LLC is an Ohio based manufacturer of home wind turbine kits that are sold online. We hold patents for our home [More]
www.WINDENERGY7.COM – – This is our Home Wind Turbine Kit from WindEnergy7.com. We have an installed base all across the US from Hawaii to Massachusetts. The system you see here is a 4.2kW rooftop wind turbine system. We invented the rooftop wind turbine kit which solves the problems of noise and vibration to the home. Without our patented technology others have had issues with noise and vibration on rooftops. Our smooth, quiet system can run your meter backwards and generate enough electricity to power and average american home. Many customers have found it easy to become customer with our wind [More]

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