This video is about how to make fidget spinner at home. This easy fidget Spinner is made from waste material. For more amazing and easy tutorial, please check:- Quilling Earrings:- https://youtu.be/nA0KeFH2iFA Quilling design on envelope:- https://youtu.be/_wNgjI1nZAc Paper Lily flower:- https://youtu.be/Kg4JidJNKC8 3D origami cake:- https://youtu.be/GEh1TTJxUBE 3D origami swan:- https://youtu.be/wNDrw_xL-iE 3D origami butterfly:- https://youtu.be/YII9BJEh5oU 3d Origami sunflower 🌻:- https://youtu.be/X4S8YsbRqhc 3d Origami Christmas tree 🌲:- https://youtu.be/5cND-1a1qC8 3d Origami wall decor:- https://youtu.be/20TUx0dwoaI seat making out of waste material:- https://youtu.be/ZunbzkXY8T8 Hope you like this video… Don’t forget to give a big thumbs up 👍🏻 and subscribe my channel for more updates. Thank you for watching…
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Watch as Make It Right unveils a new three-piece prefabricated modular house, the Greenbuild Living Home CK5.4 at the Greenbuild Conference and Expo in New Orleans, October 22 to 24. Make It Right is the architecturally and ecologically advanced
http://i-build.com.au/transpack-grann… TransPack multi-purpose modular buildings can be assembled onsite in a day. Our innovative design means that our TransPack houses can be packed in container like a flat pack house during transportation, but can be assembled onsite in a day like a modular house.
Mordek can manufacture and deliver in kit form, a range of affordable homes that can be designed to your requirements.
These stunning environmental eco-pods are built from scratch in just a few hours! This build was featured on the series, My Flat Pack Home www.lovehome.co.uk
SIPs (Structural insulated wall panels system) https://www.facebook.com/light.weight.house
The 60m2 cabin kit from cabin life has two bedrooms, one bathroom space and a very spacious living room. It also has a 2 metre deck. This model comes in 70mm thick solid timber and is delivered as a flat pack. The perfect granny flat.

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