Rob Torcellini bought a $700 greenhouse kit to grow more vegetables in his backyard. Then he added fish to get rid of a mosquito problem and before long he w…
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from trap-a-thon lyrics: Burn One Burn One This is another raw beats production (yeah yeah) Gucci (huh huh huh hah) Guccarachi baby gucci gucci (coke-ina shawty) [Hook:] When I see my plug this how I talk to em And when I serve my folks this how I talk to em When I’m with my dawgs this how I talk to em It’s gucci mane la flar I’m finna talk to em My guala, my partna, mota manana? gracias denada brought me years of dollars Que pasa amigo? coca mudo necho cohina mucho es grande on the repo Ese el pablo [More]
One cool prefabricated shipping container home – onecoolhabitat.com
www.permies.com Another Mike Oehler creation. This one is called “the sleeper”. Mike if famous for his $50 and up underground house book. This house is an above ground earth berm house. Very small, but a family of three did live in the house recently for 18 months. There are cedar trees growing out of the roof. paul wheaton permaculture
For more eco ideas follow us on: www.facebook.com Tito Ingenieri built his house out of six million empty bottles. He will gladly teach anyone how to build this kind of ecological house that recycles materials and keeps the streets clean. In his town of Quilmes, Argentina, people gladly give him their empty bottles and admire his artistic creation.
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Scott Ervin – Alchemy Architects Ideas of pre-fabricated housing have seen a recent resurgence in popularity, but with the weeHouse, Alchemy Architects has c…
In 5 days, 24 students design, cut, and raise a 24’x24′ timber frame house using traditional hand tools and joinery. Shelter Institute offers this workshop 3 times each year in midcoast, Maine.
Man lives 25 feet off the ground, in the ultimate eco friendly green home. Beren Harrington designed himself a treehouse so he can literally live IN nature, and gives new meaning to the term “going green.” This video shows a House and Home and Clubhouse all in one. OffBeat Spaces is only on SPACEStv! Subscribe for new episodes of OffBeat Spaces: www.youtube.com

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