Visit: www.timberhold.com | Living in a log cabin or house made from wood is far more comfortable than living in a traditional house. Now, you can affordably enjoy the benefits that this type of accommodation affords.
Es una deliciosa comedia romántica protagonizada por Hugh Laurie (House) y Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl). Dirigida por Julian Farino, responsable del éxito de la HBO, Entourage. Los Walling y los Ostroff son los mejores amigos y vecinos. Viven justo una familia enfrente de la otra. Cuando Nina (Leighton Meester), la hija de 24 años de los Ostroff vuelve a casa, Nina y David Walling (Laurie) comienzan a sentir una nueva e inexplicable atraccción el uno por el otro. Su breve romance lleva a ambas familias y al vecindario entero al más absoluto caos.
Small Eco Lodges built in the factory in prefabricated wall panels using eco friendly products, and delivered to site ready for erection. We deliver throughout Europe. High quality product, full warranty and built to building regulations of country.
www.permies.com Visting the all cob ecovillage “cobville” in coquille, oregon. Including the tour guide Ianto Evans, author of “The Hand Sculpted House” – home of the “cob cottage company”. I have never seen so much cob before. Cob homes. Cob ovens. Standalone cob walls. Rocket mass heaters made from cob. Cob benches for sitting and cob workbenches. Cob art. Cob floors. Cob beds. This part of the tour shows off about eight cob homes and the second part shows about four more. One eco building has a cob rumford fireplace that is clear to see. Another has a cob rumford [More]
Man lives 25 feet off the ground, in the ultimate eco friendly green home. Beren Harrington designed himself a treehouse so he can literally live IN nature, and gives new meaning to the term “going green.” This video shows a House and Home and Clubhouse all in one. OffBeat Spaces is only on SPACEStv! Subscribe for new episodes of OffBeat Spaces: www.youtube.com
www.permies.com Mike Oehler guides us on a video tour of the house he wrote about in “The $50 and up underground house book”. At the time the video is taken, this underground house is 35 years old. The property has about six underground houses. This underground house was his home for most of the 35 years. A good example of an off grid tiny house build a long time ago. Mike’s book is the ultimate “how to” tutorial on cheap underground housing. He said that if he could do it all over again, he would call it “earth integrated”. This [More]
Habitaflex, a subsidiary of Maisons Laprise Inc manufacturer of energy efficient prefabricated homes since 1989, is proud to present a new home concept unique in the world : a folding and transportable home! New looks, dimensions, colors and options are available to satisfy a wide range of applications. Visit our website : www.habitaflex.com
The RAL Building System gives you the flexibility to select from a series of eight components to create a home that accomodates your own requirements. The simple design of the RAL system, along with leaf-free gutters for rainwater collection, promote the low maintenance quality, as well as the bushfire retardant aspect, of each RAL Home. With a selection of various sub floor structures available RAL Homes are suited for all sites. After watching this clip please feel free to give us a call on (03) 53 522 352, or visit or website www.ralhomes.com.au for more photos and items of interest.
Beijing DCTH Prefabricated house Co., Ltd is a professional supplier in the manufacturer of prefabricated building. was established in 1998, covering 100 acres, plant area of over 35000 Square meters, is a set design, manufacture, installation as one of the major Cai Gang, the steel structure enterprises, but also the first in the domestic steel structure supporting metal construction and maintenance of production enterprises. . Up to now, we has completed hundreds of prefab house projects in 50 countries around the world.

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