Off grid prefab home – passive solar modern house.

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Our off grid prefab home – a passive solar modern house. Affordable off grid living for our family. Prefab home from


Chad Williamson says:

hey so should I just add up all of those costs listed and add cost of land where I live? we would need 3 bedrooms and septic also a well. just hoping this is a possibility for under 200k

Grevlain says:

Fantastic. I'm moving slowly down a similar path, and reached the same conclusions with regards to other construction methods.

This is a very big piece of the puzzle. Many thanks!

Copeland Casati says:

Because so many people are asking, here is the link to our initial costs to 1. erect the prefab and have it be weather tight and 2. initial off grid systems, plumbing, etc.

Kay Slechta says:

I thought it was nice but am curious about the intitial costs upfront to get this going? I have my land paid off but what can I do from here thanks

Rebekah Stull says:

I know you aren't finished yet but how much has it been so far? We're really interested in doing a lot of work ourselves as well but we don't want to get in over our head either. How much was the kit itself and the foundation?

Denise Correia says:

Our dream. Love what you have created! 🙂

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