New Years Resolution: Man vs IKEA Furniture

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Happy 2016! This video is all about my new years resolutions & shows me putting together my first flat pack Ikea chest of draws.

Also known as the ‘Malm’. Yes, it was harder than I thought! Yes it took me longer and no I didn’t have all the parts… but I made it!

My main resolution is that I will be making one YT video every week (I’m determined to do it).

I’m also so going to be doing a shout out in every video.

This one Goes to – SALINA MARIE – a YouTuber with the same goal as me – continuous weekly content.

If you want a shout out let me know and ill check out you channel.

Let me know what you think of the video (I’ve had a small break) and I always reply to comments.

I’m glad to be back!


Chris and Lyss Vlogs says:

Love your vids! New sub (: Found your channel through a comment. Check my vids out (:

James Suarez says:

you have some pretty good new year resolutions bro! mine is to get at least 1k subscribers by the end of the year and to upload more consistently. the desk looks very good man! it must have taken a while to put together XD

Jon Parker (TheIntangibleLife) says:

Awesome resolutions! You can do it bro! The regularly scheduled video thing hah been something I have wanted to do but life is a bit hectic as I'm sure you know haha! But I think you've inspired me to try! 🙂 So, I guess I'll be attempting to upload a video every Saturday!
woo… that feels weird to finally commit haha 😀
Anyway, looking forward to seeing your Iceland trip man! Be safe and God bless!

JuliaTaylorB says:

its been hard lately to have a schedule for vids and i kinda am hooked on live streaming lol

Salina Marie says:

awww thanks for the shout out :)…. Im with you on the feeling out of youtube after not uploading for a while lol! lets see if we both can keep our new years resolution!!

bettybbash says:

you are so fun to watch :)

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