New SWISS+TECH car kit (home made)

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CAR KIT made from a SWISS+TECH toolset and a TROJAN brand Utility Knife/Bit Driver set.


Project Prepper says:

Nice kit, I can see the how these tools can be useful for a lot of applications!

I can't say I have heard of Swiss tech until I watched this video. Perfect for the glovebox too.

Thanks for sharing.


TheHelleri says:

Nice repackaging. I love Swiss+Tech for compact but extremely useful tools of a good quality. And the Swiss+Tech kit is always a good value purchase. It's also clever because they get to showcase their newest products year to year. From what I have seen, this kit changes every 1-2 years. Sometimes only one or two items in it change. Sometimes the whole ensemble is different. I have bought a couple of their past kits, and have never been disappointed.

My favorite item from them was the utili-key 6 in 1 (this was from 5-6 kits ago). It's better then they make it look on their site: . It actually opens up more then they show. It clicks into securely into place with it's 3 forms (the third which they don't show is 90 degrees open). And it is more like a 8 in one since the carabiner can act as surprisingly good pliers (working to fit up to 1/2" hex).

Unfortunately it isn't part of the kit any more. And it sells for a lot more as an individual unit. Which is the fate of every item that was once part of the kit. That's why if someone likes an item they see in a kit… get it right then without hesitation if you can. Because when those items leave the kit, each one is going to cost about what the kit did all together (at least).

EconoChallenge says:

Very cool idea!!

Rob's Bushcraft says:

Perfect fit in the box!
Thank you for sharing.
All the best, from another Rob

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