My New Home | Building A Flat Pack Chest of Drawers | Episode 19

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I’m building flat pack chest of drawers because …you were right…I don’t have enough room to store my clothes. I’ve packed up and finally moved into my apartment I’m taking you along for the ride as I make it into my home. I’ll talk about the style I’ve chosen and how I’ll achieve it while you, my ‘accountability buddies’ keep me focused on the task at hand.
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And don’t think this is just for so those with empty nests because downsizing is increasingly popular with a wide range of demographics and for many different reasons from embracing minimalism and the tiny house movement to living near to work or the wide open spaces of a beach side cottage.

And here’s another great source for decluttering ideas over on the Clean My Space Channel:

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Linda Twyman says:

I have been watching you for quite some time and enjoy your no nonsense approach to problems.  You are an excellent example to women of all ages who might think that there has to be a man around to do any construction that is done.  Thank you for sharing this journey.  Linda from Kentucky, USA

Pat Stidman says:

So pleased your feeling better. Also, glad you recycle & donate as you go. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

Donna Wyatt says:

I don't think there is a you were right I was wrong, you have to live in your space to know for sure how that space will be used to the best advantage. You did a great job and once again I see you are an inspiration to women out there who doubt their skills xXx Donna in the UK

Yvonne B says:

Ooh I do like those they are stunning. I am so pleased you are feeling a lot better. Hugs xx

Denise Carter says:

I've only been to Ikea once because we live 500 miles from the nearest one. Probably a good thing because I was in love on the one trip.

Knight Designs says:

Thanks for watching and keeping me accountable as I build a couple of IKEA dressers to extend my clothes storage…because you where right….I was wrong. There is no way I can organise my clothes in the meager wardrobe space existing in the apartment. xxx

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