MADI home flatpack, tiny house

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M.A.Di.®, M.A.DI. Home

M.A.Di. is an unfoldable modular living unit. Using an unfolding technique, this construction system allows to realize earthquake-resistant buildings for residential, leisure and hospitality. M.A.DI. can be also used to set-up of temporary villages for sports, fairs and first aid facilities in case of natural disasters.


Joe L says:

Plumbing, Electric, & Heat? This would be okay for maybe a cabin.

David Cheaney says:

I could live in that easy!

Neutral God says:

home sells for $33,000! Not in Canada!

Богдан Шкода says:

Бесполезная вещь… если только его не перевозят с места на место.
То, что остаётся на всегда – не имеет смысла оснащать механизмами… подобный домик и без того можно было собрать просто из панелей.
Время скажете вы? а куда вы торопитесь? Вам нужно за два часа? А так будет за 6 … ну…. особо занятым это не дойдёт…

Albert Sinclair says:

shut up and take my money!

Mango says:

Che classe energetica hanno?

Gabriel Dillon says:

Why do companies, who post videos such as this, and are looking for sales, not reply to questions about their products?

山本יונה修司 says:


I hope you will develop sales in Japan by all means

ユユ says:

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Glenn Ellerbe says:

What's the cost for that crane???

lise lefebvre says:

svp le prix de la maison ou cabane

lise lefebvre says:

ouuuaaaaa génial est en plus rapide dans la construction encore des Génies

Soufian Ratib says:

Based on the timelapse, it didnt take 6 hours …but 2 days. Add another 2 weeks to have the foundation done.

Salim Bendag says:

Do you ship world wide ?

Diane Cohen says:


I am an associate producer at ATTN: , a media company that reaches 500 million monthly video viewers on social media outlets per month.

We would love to do a 1-minute video about the MADI home:

Would you be interested in doing an interview about how important this is?Would you have footage we can use?

We would, of course, credit you however you prefer and are open to tagging your page in a pinned comment as well.

You can see our Facebook page and videos here ( and visit our homepage at


runcycleskixc says:

how is this different from a flatpack/a stack of parts, other than some parts are connected with hinges?

Smarty The Pants says:

I'd live in one for sure. I'm gonna look into this.

Mains Blanches says:

No solar panels?…

Srđan Janković says:

Nice but do not place them in windy places 🙂

Phoenix-2063 says:

the website says you can anchor the building instead of having a concrete foundation which together with the building being able to taken apart and reassembled at another location classes it as a temporary building so planning permissions required are more relaxed, is this true or have i misinterpreted?

Dragiša Filipović Filip says:

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Steve Adams says:

Where do you get more information and plans on this type of house?

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