Sears Homes – The Pioneers Who Led The Way

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From KETC, LIVING ST. LOUIS.  Producer Anne-Marie Berger takes a look at the history of Sears homes, ready-to-assemble houses available nearly 100 years ago in the Sears Roebuck catalogue.

In 1908, these kit homes were offered in 370 styles and ranged in price from $50 to $5000. Families who selected a Sears home saved 1/3 the price it would cost to buy an already assembled, or ‘normal’, house. Things haven’t really changed, have they?


Skylar Hall says:

Sears should start doing this again would be popular.

s7rey says:

Besides “complexity” reason SEARS quit building this kits, I think was because Banks began to see oportunity in lending and robbing people. In that era, there was NO MORTGAGES! believe it or not!. Most of people buy homes in cash , or with money from family and friends!.

beingfitandhealthy says:

Fantastic interview with Rosemary Thornton! Loved it!

Kurtis570 says:

I have a 100% purely original Sears Home (“Chelsea”) in Monmouth County, NJ from 1908. I have original siding, windows, etc and was looking for tax incentives from my high property tax to keep my house original since the maintence is high to preserve it. Any advice on what I can do?

CJurasin says:

We just bought a Sears home but didn’t realize it until AFTER we bought it….what a cool find!! Her wealth of knowledge on this topic is unreal! Thanks for posting!!!

NJLouis66 says:

This is neat. I live in a Ridgeland. My kids are the fourth generation of my wife’s family to live here. Still have the original invoice and packing list – which is like a book. Still a very solid house after all these years.

lovesickpickwick says:

I live in a Sears Starlight. Thanks for posting the clip!

Lucyashes says:

The Sears homes are fascinating. I would like to read Ms Thornton’s books. She seems to know all about these beautiful homes.

Siouxlee says:

I have her books, if you have any interest in Sears homes at all, the books are so worth it.

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