IKEA vs ME – Breaking Bed..

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York day 2! Not as exciting as the first day but today we build an Ikea bed! more specifically an IKEA TARVA BED… We’ve never built anything together before never mind a flatpack bed..

Not the easiest of builds and Ikeas instructions weren’t always the best Come watch and laugh as we make a mess of making an ikea flatpack failure…

Bryony’s Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_gyEKIhduA2rIIPFe7cLJg

Insta – Nightowl_Lifts
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simon holmes says:

You were literally no help at all!

theriddlerxo instagram says:

"we've finished the frame." THERE IS NO WE! YOU LEFT POOR BRYONY TO DO IT ALL!! please lord jesus next time you two put furniture together snap me if you have any questions me and dylan are the flat-pack extraordinaires! loving the vlogs so far! definitly bringing something fresh to the channel plus yours and bryony's personalities are so adorable for vlogs! She's so cute and timid bless her!❤

Shogun Strength says:

Have any of you guys ever had trouble with flatpack builds? lets be honest… we all have..

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