Huf Haus Promotional Design Video

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This video features many photos of the German ‘kit-house’ manufacterers, Huf Haus. They are prefabricated type house which are built in various different sections in their factory, then shipped to the house building site, then finally bolted & fastened together by a crack team of German workers. Huf Haus oversee the entire process from design & architecture right through to internal fixture & fittings…… And, being German, to the very highest quality. I’ve even heard of an entire kitchen’s tiled wall fitting to be stripped out after completion as the tile grouting was just 1mm different on each end!! Wooah! I’ve always said if I won the lottery, I would have one built for myself…… Fingers crossed!?! Anyway, hope you enjoy the video & if you do, check elsewhere on YouTube for loads more Huf Haus videos.


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