HowTo Stucco a Metal Shipping Container

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DIY video showing papercrete being sprayed directly on a metal 20′ shipping container for insulation and asthetic purposes. ]


KarasCyborg says:

Did it open? I see you taped the hinges, but all those pipes that assist in the latching of the door … omg. What you now have is a massive brick?

inkey2 says:

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lthobbes1 says:

how well did it stick to the metal? is there anything you would do differently in hindsight? thanks

dalundan says:

is the papercrete still on, I am thinking of using this application on my container house

tzedekyahu says:

I don’t see many white people lining up to pick produce. Next time you bite into a juicy vegetable or fruit, maybe you should thank “heysus”, not jeebus.

4rikoshei7 says:

@policedylan… you’re right, a mexiCAN will be doing this..very soon. & dont hate cuz we CAN do it all…. 😉
& truth is, if my peoples who migrated over to do the honest HARD work that you’re not willing to do for below min wage (just to send $ back to fam), then who would? not u im sure, so lets be grown for a moment & leave the SWINEdylan-like remarks out of a shipping container video.. THNX!

4rikoshei7 says:

@kottagervparkmodelrv… looking to close on house on 10days.. so we’ll be back in sunny FL in no time soon! found two 40’containers in my area for roughly $1k each, plus delivery… are u in FL?

kottagervparkmodelrv says:

How are you doing with moving back to Lakeland from Buffalo? Did you find a shipping container home yet?

kottagervparkmodelrv says:

It looks a bit messy. Can you show the finish result when it is all dried up? We have a shipping container and we just put a simple siding on it as you can see on our video.

economicliberty77 says:

this looks like a paint in the ass

telesniper2 says:

looks like hell

4rikoshei7 says:

@cyberpine.. He what part of fl? We’re hoping to move back to Lakeland from buffalo..soon. & we’re gonna be looking to buy some land to build our “new” home w/ containers. There’s a company out of Fl (I think jacksonville) which sells em from $1500-3k each.. Not bad if ur pretty handy & creative..

policedylan says:

shouldnt the mexicans be doing this?

durenjaya73 says:

good depot htttp://

chiefbigwig1 says:

You forgot to wear a respirator and safety goggles, especially with airborne cement. Amazing.

Kaileo1 says:

Stucco on a metal shipping container makes it look better? I think not. Very ugly. Only good I can see it doing is helping deflect sun.

swimmerB0B says:

shut up. that’s my next house you’re makin’ fun of.

WulfBand says:

yes, I guess he hasn’t heard you can buy stucco in bags.

scienceisgod1 says:

Looks like hell!

MrAnthonyRizzo says:

It was very nicely done. I especially like the idea of adding paint to the mix. I wish you would do a follow up video. It would be nice to see how it turned out. Why didn’t you use wire mesh under the first coat? Was it not needed? Will it adhere just as well? Thanks for sharing!

elhefe4 says:


aloisgault says:

Hey, add old styrofoam cups and such to your “stucco” and you might get an insulating effect. Use a mulcher or something like it to break up the styrofoam?

internetikos athens says:

Nicely done !!!
Do you remember the power of the compressor that was used to spray stucco?

mrjei says:

Totally Awesome!

That’s American ingenuity at work!

cyberpine says:

Nice work. I wonder what it cost to have an old shipping container delivered to central Florida? Aso gotta wonder if most building departments will accept Building Container plans. Peronsally, I’d remove the doors and put a big custom 2×4 doorway or window.

DrReaper says:

I would cover the roof with straw bale and polyurethane foam them. I would straw bale the walls and plaster them. It will be an ice box inside.

landasanrakan says:

There is another way to trade the exterior of Shipping Container home, you may find out “Smart Green Home 2010” @ youtube!

younwhosarmy says:

3:10.. Dude smokes a bowl…

soco13466 says:

See my comment on concrete overlay products. These are superior to the mixture in this video. Not only do they include polymers (horrors, they actually WORK), they are available from decorative concrete sources. Just search “decorative concrete.” Colors? No problem. There are colors from these same outfits. You just add about a couple ounces per bag, mix. BTW they guy didn’t spin his mixer in a water bucket. Good luck cleaning it! I used to do decorative concrete, I know.

soco13466 says:

Just how do shipping containers just “show up?” I’d like to be in your shoes!

jxhensley says:

they just showed up one morning, pretty good condition. sorry, not for sale 😮

soco13466 says:

Where did you get these containers, how much did they cost, what condition are they in?

soco13466 says:

Look up concrete overlay products that use polymers. You can buy colors to mix in. These products use a sand mixture, will give you a good texture. There are two basic types. One uses a modifier to mix with the powder, the other has modifier in it. Advantage to the separate mix is: you can put a lid on it, use the next day by adding a little more modifier. The all in one MUST be used before it sets up, and cannot be stored overnight. See decorative concrete sites.

Mikey Sklar says:

go to mortarsprayer

Billy Heddins says:

Hello, I think that’s pretty cool! ! Could you tell us where you can buy that same sprayer you’re using?
Great Work !!!!

earthgirl723 says:

without a bonding agent, that material will fall off. Suggest rolling on a bonding agent like Weldcrete then spray. Change the spray to include a lot of polystyrene… like the stuff you see on ceilings sometimes called popcorn. Cement & popcorn stick well. Aftaer you spray the first coat (scratech coat) you can let it set. Second coat can be shot also & troweled smooth or textured to your desire. Every inch thick delivers about 4 r-value. Need a Thompson spray machine.

jxhensley says:

thanks for this, i have 20 shipping containers in my back yard that i wanted to stucco and i just didn’t know how

storefrnt says:

If you are considering modular or prefab home, building with recycled shipping containers is worth taking a look at.


Lots of great example buildings, details, facts, and links to other articles…

17seventySIX says:

lame….looks like shit….

StorageContainers says:

Google Ceramic Tech of Texas for ceramic coatings that can be applied to shipping containers. Another good resource is Shipping Container Forum. It’s a message board dedicated to shipping container modifications.  Google it….

StorageContainers says:

I was selling used 40’s in Rhode Island all of 2009 into the early spring of 2010 for roughly $1,900. Prices have come way up this year to the point where I’m selling used wind and watertight 40’s for $2,475 and more depending on condition.

1stPlaceDirector says:

I’m looking into insulative ceramic paint that is supposed to work pretty good. 

phreakincool says:

That’s the beauty of the containers. You can combine to create a bigger space. And IKEA is a must for something so progressive. IMO.

lasleandras says:

bed liner any one??

tappakeggaday1 says:

seems like there would be some way to attach like chicken wire to the out side of the building and then where the divots are in the metal could be filled with straw so you could have a flat surface. i have never been sure about the latch side of a shipping container unless it is used to open it up to provide air movement.other wise weld it shut and remove the latch bars on it to make a smooth surface also.

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