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Learn to make a shop in the cardboard house I made earlier.

How to make the house:
How to make the bedroom & living room:
How to make the bathroom:

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Xander Rokovich says:

And actually my name is Hayden not Xander ok thanks for helping us box yourself fave vid

Pine Apple says:

Can you make the outside

Casey Liu says:

I like your videos sooo much,

Theflyingcowofdeath says:

You should start a store on etsy

Eva Mclean says:

I can tell he past art in school XD

Xander Rokovich says:

Your my fave box video

Anastasia Desroches says:

You should've made shopping carts

Cynthia Soto says:

Awesome!!!! 🙂

I love Box yourself says:

Thanks box yourself your videos are amazing!

Bluegummylps says:

Maybe 4 grass you can do strips of paper so it looks 3D

Roberto Team Channel says:

love u box yourself

Sara Moni says:

Norway is beautiful country. I live in Bangladesh.

Elif Öner says:

can you make people for this house

Mira Hussein says:

Please make more organization closets or something.

Cute Kitty Rainbow says:

You really have no life doing this stuff off camera

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