How to Make the Outside of the Cardboard Shop House | DIY Houses on Box Yourself

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Learn to make the outside of the cardboard house I made earlier.

Watch the previous parts in the Cardboard Shop House Playlist:

How to make the house:
How to make the bedroom & living room:
How to make the bathroom:
How to make the shop:

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Box Yourself says:

Hey everyone! Here’s the previous parts on how to make the cardboard house and all the rooms:

Prakash Poon says:

can u make fidget spinner

Curious Minds says:

Make a vending machine with cardboard

Selene Drake says:

I would have done little curletts on the letters because that is how I write.

Mr Big fudgy says:

Does anyone know where box yourself is from

dominion Hammer says:

amazing work.

Box yourself Is the best says:

I am moving in to this house

Luis Dela Rosa says:

what paint do you use


its so amazing i like it much!!

Jayne Cornwill says:

can you make a shark pencil holder
put the pencils in the mouth
make the mouth open an close

JB Sabin says:

Looks great…Thanks for finishing it….it was a long wait to see how this all ended…but all good

aashim babu says:

how do the paint stay well

Bridget Umphryes says:

i want that

pips says:

love your videos

유연자 says:

this video is so cool. I like it.

Kerry Boldy says:

Good work mate

Emma Lawrence says:

love it I've made 2 Giant houses for my action figures this helped alot

Pizza Pug's says:

Never give up ☝ and be creative


I'm late

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