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Learn to make the bedroom and living room in the cardboard house I made earlier.

How to make the bathroom:
How to make the house:

In this episode we’ll make the bedroom with a polka dot wallpaper and a cosy bed with a heart shape on top. In the living room we’ll have turquoise wallpaper, a ball lamp, shelves and of course a couch and sofa! We forgot the TV and stereo, maybe you can make that?

Anyways…This idea is perfect for making a cute doll house, or redecorate it with a cool and edgy look to make it the home of your super hero action figures! It’s all up to you how your rooms look like!

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Faustina Annan says:

when you finish the hole house can you please do a Give away

Darby West says:

is your fav color/colour pink!?

deeppurplegamer123-roblox! says:

he didnt show us how to do the top bathroom in the painting

김경준 says:

it is good but it hard to make

Marilen Parungao says:

do a popsicle house

Aahana Brar says:

Qweetqqqwertfqq phasggllzc.Zcv,,.

Samyukthaa R Ramesh says:

I like your crafts your the master of the year

Manjeet Singh Sidhu says:

Thanks, can you please do a craft associated with geography and the Earth!!

richie hewat says:

I'm just a baby

TCK -TheCoolKid says:

Thanks box im your biggest fan

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