How to install (build) a Log Cabin Summer House (Garden Room, Garden Office)

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Summerhouse24 detailed video of building (installing) a garden log cabin. Useful tips to watch before you assemble your DIY garden office, summer house or a garden room.

Detailed description of how to build garden log cabin:


Oh Dont Do It o-O says:


Creek Tilghman says:

Enjoy wood prix woodworking instructions.

Vitas Gulbe says:

1:roof felt applied incorrectly-from top to bottom
2: floor boards- need to be screwed, no nail guns
3: no need to cut floorboards around door fascia- just lift entire door up:)

Dilev Mipor says:

A very practical and easy step by step method for building a shed [Check Details Here⇒> ]. Ryan's shed plan have really made a mark in the world of wood works. This is very interesting!

Mark marcia says:

when i built our shed i used a plan from WoodBlueprints. Com and it had all the blueprints, supplies, materials, and list well laid out for me.

Kesha Borja says:

I check a lot of woodworking handbooks. These one from woodprix are the best.

AO Dazzle says:

how much you spent for make this house?

zwarst says:

I here-by decree this a good sturdy structure to drink & be merry or eat & or shag- cheers.

Ucelo says:

Not even glue? :$

comedianintraining says:

Not bad considering it's only 3,000 dollars but the construction is really cheap and doesn't appear very sturdy. A pre-built shed is more solid construction. Just customize the shed and throw on a deck and you get the same thing but I believe it would last longer and be able to withstand harsher conditions.

Tom Harries says:

This is not a log cabin but a fancy summerhouse with moulded boards for the walls, prob using a logosol product or similar to mass produce the walls and roof. Nothing wrong with that but still it isn't a log cabin. Also although it maybe hot outside it's not very proffesional having contractors working at a client's house with no top on.

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