How To Install A Sheetrock Corner bead

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How to install drywall corner bead on sheetrock or drywall. Let me show you how easy it is and the right way to get the job done right the first time.


Bill Richards says:

How would you finish the seam where the sheetrock wall meets a tile shower?.

Huy Le says:

You’re awesome!! Thank you, Sir!!

freondude100 says:

Outstanding video… told me what I needed to know as I was looking for method to finish corners for drywalling in a lil window in my bathroom..

Kjh005yeah says:

@ed. Relax man. Let the amateurs watch a video without all the technical jargin. Why r u even on this thread if your such a master. Internets annoying crew. Dom r u an nyc union guy ?

MrMooseful says:

Thank you infinite times for all your DIY homes, you can’t believe how much stuff I’ve been able to do on my own in our house. would have never been able to afford paying someone else to do it! Thank you!

askmediy says:

You can and should for a better stronger job.

cutflower36 says:

Hey, I need to no if u’d use that same metal bead around the out side window corners?

mark yisser says:

you should do alot of videos and have a continuous series

Rems nox says:

Thanks so much, this really helped 🙂

TheLiquidlogic says:

Hi Dom, Great video my friend. I have been having a problem doing my first corner bead around my stairs ceiling and your video that solved my problem. I can not thank you enough for that. I am also doing two other “first times” today. My first youtube comment and my first subscribe to a youtube user. You Rock, Keep up the great work!

meonetallguy says:

I understand that Dom due to the drying process but my question was in what order… ceiling joints then drop to verticals, then horizontals? Thank you.

askmediy says:

Thank you. You would do all of them at the same time for the first coat / tape

meonetallguy says:

Good videos Dom! I just finished drywalling my dining room. The drywall was hung horizontal (wooden studs) and I’m seeking your advice regarding the order in which to mud & tape. My gut tells me to do the ceiling joint (Dwall meets ceiling) first then followed by vertical inside corners then horizontal joints? What say you Dom? Thanks.

Joe T says:

Another nice video. Nice technique; funny guy.

GalaXy808 says:

Now I wanna try this, I cannot wait….thanks

askmediy says:

I’m working on them. Did two news just today. But they need to be put together

Ed Gonzales says:

See the little outermost holes, spaced every 6″ OC, 1″ OC distant from the bullnose bead edge? These are where you nail or screw. Not the 1/4″ diam. holes spaced 1″ OC. Those are the mud keying holes. Can’t key with a nail blocking. Standard metal corner bead, while called 90 degrees, is formed at 80 degrees, and critical to retain this acute angle and not press it out to 90. You need the 5deg on either side of the corner to conceal the bead and fasteners.

askmediy says:

No, just mixed it up a bit

f0rmaggi0 says:

Thanks for this! Did you thiin out your mud at all?

askmediy says:

Thank you very much

Bob Spencer says:

Great video. Simple and very helpful. Going to do a soffit and didn’t know how to make the corners look nice.  Thumbs up!

Flap Bean says:

What’s the compound your using there on the corners? Here in the UK I believe it’s slightly different stuff….

rh4009 says:

I appreciate how you point out the possible pitfalls. Thank you for a fantastic diy video.

adisharr says:

I’m an amateur at drywall finishing but with so many good corner products on the market, why use a metal bead or that plain paper / metal combo? Sheetrock makes a great paper corner with embedded metal product that works fantastic. You don;’t need adhesive, just mud and it is very rugged. I’d certainly recommend that over either of these if you’re not a pro.

adisharr says:

You’re = one word
You are = two words

livingallstrong says:

Technically four words…

Dawn Harding says:

Thanks Man! Just what I was looking for.

jbsmith6646 says:

This guy knows how to make a DIY video…fun to watch , easy to understand and very informative, nice job!

askmediy says:

Yeah I hear you. And thank you. Ya just got to love it, LOL

Solderip P says:

Great video Dominick! Keep up the great work. As for JAYMAG and Mike McPherson. They opinions are like A_ _holes everybody has one. And my opinion is they can keep theirs to themselves! I’m just saying.

JAYMAG Brownstone says:

Yea and I”m a wall system guy by trade and to warn people NOT to try it themselves.Putting bead up and finishing it with compound are two totally different things!!! Takes years to get nasty with trowels.GOOD LUCK THO!!!

Mike McPherson says:

I am a taper by trade. There is a difference in paper and metal bead. Your tips do not show that. For one thing we no longer use metal bead and we don’t apply paper bead the way you showed.

jdmccallen28 says:

good vid – however, some of the plastic products are okay – especially if you want rounded corners.

Johnny Skuzbucket says:

Thanks for the informative video. Much appreciated.

SuperQUL says:

Thanks Dom, useful info 🙂

askmediy says:

I’m only 15 minutes to the boarder. Glad I could help out.

Greatest Evaaa says:

Question do you over lap another corner bead to an old one ?

Greatest Evaaa says:

Omg just found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again dom.fuck come to jersey man lol we gotta work together.

angel vasquez says:

hey show one on vinyl corner beads. doing finishing job right now and could really use a technique on best way to install beads on an arch


Yeah definitely! You got the look and you sound like him. But you’re just being yourself. I think that’s pretty cool. He’s a badass but he’s still a nice guy. That’s important.
And it’s appreciated how you make things easy to understand and remember, instead of being condescending like some of these other guys. Clearly you’re knowledgable, but you share it with ease.
There are a lot of us that appreciate that. It goes a long way!

askmediy says:

I hear that so much. Do you really think so ? Well thank you..

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