How to Build the Cheapest House on Earth – Video Explainer

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Find out more about the wondrous M2 modular home:’s video explainers are an easy and entertaining way to get to know Poland. They are brought to you by the editorial board of, the largest English-language online source of information about Polish culture.


blunted333 says:

these are pretty cool, but hahaha WTF @ "cheapest house in the world" a brief check of their website says the cheapest models start at around $200,000, if you build it yourself. pfft.

Th3 Hasoo says:

Duzo domów z Polski.

Dan Young says:

How much is it

EvolveEarth says:

I looked into it and it seems they're $200,000+


this is false, the units are 250 thousand dollars

buffalo meat says:

Time for a Yurt or perhaps a cob house.

Griffin Curtis says:

$400,000 is not the cheapest house on Earth lol

shadowx089 says:

I checked the site, cheapest I saw was 146k….not cheapest

Happy John says:


9:46 PM

Dona101 says:

these affordable, time efficient constructions should be available in each country…once upon a time shelters were made from local materials, functional, uniform and communities pulled together top erect them…now it's all about status, ego and guilt…

Roman Strmiska says:

Morbidest is actualy in Czech Republik not in Poland..

FrankypankyV8 says:

Sounds too much like a scam! Cosy in the winter? Which a window from top till the floor?

And way too small.

Compared with the Le Tuan home, this is some barn for the garden instead of a place to life…

Jon Doe says:

How can I get one shipped to USA?

prettyparadoxical woman says:

Not a good deal. My class A rv giant bus with 400 sq ft was 15 g and i have everything.

Bill Robison says:

Do you have any dealers in California, I'd like to do outdoor cafes based around something like this.

KINGatLIFE says:

Th cheapest house in teh world is one you build from snow, an Igloo.

Case Closed says:

"very practical for nomad soul"

Candy Smith says:

No foundation.. hmmm so what happens when the wind picks up…the house does too?

urlabari manpower says:

shipping it to nepal

Rabi bagale says:

Can i buy in nepal?

pete Stockbauer says:

What is the cost

IG G says:

Anyone interested – "cheapest" here means $ 13125 for 25 m2 box

cordellscott says:

I dug a hole in the ground that I live in and it was free! Come watch my how to video!

Jordan Lea says:

Are there any videos out there with a more detailed representation of the product? This video glossing over any details is pretty shady.

awkf says:

That's not cheap at all!! In Malaysia the building cost without the land is around USD 475/sm for concrete building! And you can find cheaper!

Brandon says:

Houses are so over priced it’s pathetic.

Sacred Society says:

More like the most expensive small house ever!

Danny C says:

Do you ship to USA?

Austin Waggoner says:

Ok I wish there was an online store or something that would be awesome .

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