How to Build Hoop Houses : Wiggle Wire Skin to Hoop House Frame: Part 2

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Wiggle wire works with wooden boards to secure plastic on hoop house or greenhouse frames. Build a hoop house with wiggle wire with a professional organic fa…


GWhiz99 says:

I wonder why the demonstrator didn’t show the materials used to build the structure independent and separate. Seeing the curved structure reminds me of the “The Gift” episode of 1970s sitcom “Three’s´╗┐ Company”, which aired Jan. 3, 1978. In it, Jack Tripper (John Ritter) says to Janet (Joyce DeWitt): “I just saw something very scary; Roper turned into a human being right in front of my eyes.” The orange-ish semi-circle shaped cushioned back chair in the foreground reminds of the curved hoophouse

CanKaraoke says:

Thanks for posting´╗┐

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