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I often hear people asking what kind of hidey/nesting houses they should use for their gerbils, so I thought I would share which one I like to use with my gerbils!

Erinsanimals DIY houses I mentioned in the video:

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Lenchan95 says:

I've used a terracotta pot, the most basic kind, turned upside down. I made an opening and it was quite good for them. It has a tiny opening in the top (the draining hole for the plants) that is useful for ventilation. And it's REALLY sturdy. I've had the same pot for years and it's in almost mint condition. They liked filing their nails on the inside of their pot so there's some markings but it's still 100% usable. The only downside is that creating a "door" is hard because the terracotta is both fragile and hard so you have to be careful

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