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GLOBAL VILLAGE HOUSING is a Grassroots Social Enterprise building quality shelter/ homes for the homeless and for victims of natural disaster . GVH openly works through collaborations with Charity Organisations and Private Donors / Sponsors from around the world . GVH families often live in unsafe, unsanitary, and unsure environments or displaced due to natural disasters .

GVH Homes are strong robust .proven and tested in the field with its unique reregistered design qualities which have received international praise . Key features include Pre-Built Strong Robust Flat-Pack Design . Fully Insulated , Solar Lighting . Secure . Rainwater Collection System . Flood, Storm & Vermin Proof . home setup time of just 3.5hrs.
Global Village Housing provides local employment and training to unskilled mums & dads GVH runs 6-12 month courses teaching locals trade skills to enable them to gain solid employment in the building industry.

GLOBAL DELIVERY Global Village Housing is working hard towards exporting their first shipment of flatpack homes for emergency housing relief for families whom has lost homes caused by natural disasters.
Everyone deserves a place to call home and Global Village Housing is committed to doing just that, helping to provide impoverished people with a safe secure place to call their own.
GVH welcomes you to join our quest helping to provide much needed shelter for impoverished people around the globe .

JOIN GVH TEAM ON THE GROUND . Not only can you sponsor a home for a family but we welcome and encourage you to meet the families and even take part in the building and installation.
This experience is also great for team building among friends, families and work mates. Every GVH HOME comes with a unique code chassis number , name plate and GPS location SEE YOUR HOUSE ON Google Earth .

SPONSORS & PARTNERS We are currently looking for like minded people and corporations to join us on our quest in building lots more homes, if you like to no more about Global Village Housing Social
Enterprise or have a question email info@globalvillagehousing.com,


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