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Green Home Design – Wiki House – Creative Common Designs for Sustainable Homes – Idea Snack

WikiHouse is an open source building system. Many designers, collaborating to make it simple for everyone to design, print and assemble beautiful, low-energy homes, customised to their needs.

Wikihouse is a commons company where many companies work together to design the most sustainable buildings ever designed and distributing the designs globally for local manufacturing using CNC machines and 3D printing.

The houses are able to be printed or cut and delivered as a simply kit even amateurs can easily install. The precision manufacturing also means less wastage and lower embodied energy in the finished house.

The entire system is modular with plug and play services like electricity and plumbing. The home can also be fitted with the latest in smart sensing technology to make it a truly smart and sustainable house.


GoGetEco is a website dedicated to bringing you the latest in cool eco friendly gadgets, future gadgets, future tech, the latest in green technology, eco friendly products and cool green tech inventions.

At GoGetEco we believe that going green does not mean sacrificing your lifestyle and that green tech and eco friendly products can give you the lifestyle you desire whilst moving towards a more sustainable future.

Our products cover energy efficiency, electric transport (electric bikes, alternative electric transport), renewable energy, solar power, sustainable materials, eco friendly products, and much more.

At GoGetEco “Green is the New Black”.


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