Granny Annexe Build: Home in the Garden: Time-Lapse: Flat Pack Home

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An AV featuring Time-Lapse of a Granny Annexe Build. After planning permission was granted in late 2014, we started the process of preparing the site in readiness for a January 5th start. Not the ideal time of year, but just 6 weeks later (plus hundreds of cups of tea, coffee and biccies consumed) the build was complete! Amazing, considering it was mid winter, though fortunately, not a particularly severe one.
The quality of construction and finish is superb and my mother-in-law was able to move in, (after furnishing) by the spring.

An iPhone 6plus was used for all the Time-Lapse, (using the ‘Lapse it Pro’ App) plus some stills, panoramas and video, whilst Nikon cameras with lenses from 14mm – 300mm for the remainder. Edited in iMovie 10.0.9
All music by my son Gary Harper of Demigods music


coucou729 says:

Loved the video! Thank you for sharing! We are thinking of building something similar! Can I ask how you connected the toilet to the sewer? I'm just trying to think how we would connect a toilet and shower in ours if it's at the bottom of the garden and the sewer drain is at the front of our property?

Granny Annexe says:

This is a fantastic video Nigel and thank you very much for putting it together. A lot goes into the build of a granny annexe and you've captured it brilliantly. If anyone wants to see how a granny annexe is put together, we'll be directing them here.

Thank you again
All the best from the Granny Annexe Team

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