Garfield lives in DIY house.wmv

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No peace for large red cat trying too watch tv in D,I,Y house HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE


Irishtankgod says:

Hiya Tuks i cant find your channel , i got lost ha ha , nothing new there yes and a Happy New Year too you too and all the CM there and rock on for the Gunners this year ,
I had a on off on off this computer thingy over the last few days ,
grrrrrrrrrr one of those things but wish you and all there a great one ahead from us here in misreable dull grey and soon too snow again Ireland , make you sick roll on the long days and evenings xxxxxxxsCathy

Irishtankgod says:

Yes this is Percy LOL he has problems and watches too much tv and horse racing and eats and sleeps typical he sits on the ground also like a person but i never have the camera , XD thanks for your comment and i know its hard posting comments mine hardly ever show , loved your videos all the kitties happy together xxxxxxxs Cathy

ambaya86 says:

Is this really one of your cats? Wow. He’s exactly like Garfield!

alireza8623 says:

very nice.

SmokeyClaws says:

There it is!! One of my favorites! Glad you kept this one!! 😉

Irishtankgod says:

thank you he loves his tv LOL nothing will move him , from his racing he has problems ha ha many thanks for watching xxxxxxxxxs Cathy

TheLevoy says:

OMG! So lovable! 5♥♥♥♥♥

birdlady423 says:


Irishtankgod says:

Sorry for not answering your all very good too have commented will appologise properly , wish everyone my best xxxxs Cathy

puggykisses says:

Haha…that’s cute!!! Poor Garfield doesn’t know what the heck to think…he’s like…give me some peace…PLEASE!!!

badbearwatch says:

Those would be my high maintenance noises…

BonBonBatman says:

LOL! Love the way he sits like a little purrson!

billy2rivers1 says:

What do you have to do to get somesleep around here.

SomeCharacters says:

Happy New Year to you and yours, Cathy .. and to this handsome fellow Garfield too, all the best, xxxooo Kate

Paddypotatoe says:

great your here xxxxxxxxxxxxxs Claire

DearestBecky says:

Poor Garfield having to put up with all that racket. LOL Happy New Year, Cathy. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful and blessed year.

poitinstill says:

Is that you welding or sandblasting or something in the backgroud? Leave it down, let the poor guy have a restful new year at least!

Honeybea264 says:

Oh, Lil Smirnoff back again. He looks as if he is expecting the chain saw man.
Happy New year to all Tankgods 🙂

Laoch111 says:

Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit.

Ricky prater says:

good job on this great video

TommyAndGracie says:

Garfield looks really comfortable and he is sitting there like he should be holding the remote! : )
Happy New Year’s Day!!!!!

badbearwatch says:

Umm Big Red there hasn’t been in the Smirnoff has he- very calm cat there, it’s New Year’s Eve- I’m just saying… he he he

Butternut121 says:

Hilarious! Not one flinch! What a brave boy!!!

Sandra Teager says:

Ahh What a darling!!!
Happy New Year !!! LOL!! XD

wyliesnyder says:

Happy New Year beautiful boy!

Irishtankgod says:

Happy New Year to all xxxxs

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