FLAT PACK office container

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more info: www.euromodul-containers.com EUROmodul have long development experience in production of prefabricated objects. FLAT PACK container prefabricated object system is suitable for long distance transport ! On one long veichle can stand around 12 containers, which are grouped as; office containers, storage container, housing / living containers, toilet / shower containers, etc… For assembling one FLAT PACK container with instruction manual provided by EUROmodul company, client need at maximum 40 minutes ! All additional informations see on company web site www.flatpack-containers.org


EUROmodulHR says:

Please contact us by phone or mail.

wshuman84084 says:

I wish I could buy your product. Do you have distributors in USA?

FreeBlago1 says:

Fuck, looks like an IKEA product on steroids.

bradbeckett says:

So what you’re really trying to say is that… IT’S AFRICA!

1991araaron says:

Your an ignorant assclown…
They live in a desert, there are no resources. Its hard to progress without them shit for brains.
Theres a tree every 10 miles, they have no options but move and one day in 50,000 years descend into your inbred bitch ass.

ChrisW12208 says:

f the container I want that Man truck with knuckle boom :-p

bradbeckett says:

Africa will never get it’s shit together…. not meant to. It’s AFRICA!

Frap357 says:

What does a container like this one cost?
And why isn’t it used for housing in Africa?

ClementShimizu says:

Typical office…. manager walks around totally useless…

Misbombas says:

Zakon stvar, pozdrav iz Brđana!

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