FLAT-PACK IKEA HOUSE (w/ CC) | The Sims 4 Speed Build

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Simple, compact, modern and functional, like most IKEA furniture. #SimWillBuild

DOWNLOAD + CC: http://simwillbuild.blogspot.com/2017/05/flat-pack-ikea-house-with-cc-casa-ikea.html

NON-CC VERSION: http://simwillbuild.blogspot.com/2017/06/flat-pack-ikea-house-non-cc-version.html

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♦ Origin ID: joseiloaizach
♦ Blog: simwillbuild.blogspot.com
♦ Twitter: twitter.com/SimWillBuild
♦ Tumblr: joseiloaizach.tumblr.com

Music used:

“Universal” – Vibe Tracks
“Dub Trubble” – Silent Partner
“Tremsz” – Gunnar Olsen
“Dont Look” – Silent Partner
“Invisible” – Vibe Tracks

From the YouTube Music Library.


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