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http://karmod.com/en/products/container Flat pack containers (Expandastores) and office portable cabins are a perfect solution for location with restricted access where it is not possible to crane a steel cabin into place. Sheds or stores that are collapsible or demountable which make them ideal for use in situations where you are unable to position a prefabricated container or store. They are light enough to be man handled and the components are small enough to fit through small passageways. No need for cranes, forklifts or specialist tools. Just a socket set – and you’re away! (Up until now, the only alternative product was a tin shed, which offered minimal security, and even less in aesthetic appearance). Expandastores can be linked to form larger open plan areas of storage space as required (side by side or end to end).


Karmod Prefabricated says:

Karmod’s flat pack containers are produced by unwelded technology and are easy to transport and can be assembled in a very short time.


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