Fallout 4 Creation Kit – Player Home (PART 01)

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In this tutorial we look at how to make a custom interior cell and then use that cell to make our own player home.


Ben Ephla says:

Sorry if this is a newbe question, but after I duplicate cell, rename it, then right click to change the cells name and ownership, all the boxes are greyed out, I can click the apply button, but the okay button is greyed out so I'm unable to actually save the name change of the cell to "my shack". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

eddie123698745 says:

Great tutorial, got me started right!

Marshmollo Chamallow says:

You deserve so much more subs man! Oh btw you just gained one 😀
Also would you add me as friend on steam? My username is Adamandio
Thanks for the great tutorial!

Jerrycrazywheels says:

are you still alive lol

sleepy guy says:

What happened??? :-(

vastoceanblue says:

Nice work, please continue with these

Jerrycrazywheels says:

can you do institute player home build tutorial.

Luke Crawford says:

i'm trying to copy the Yangtze, to turn it into my home. The apply button at the beginning of your vid wont apply for me.
what am I doing wrong?

Jerrycrazywheels says:

I want to change the color of the wood is there way to change the color?

mathias johansson says:

is it possible to make your sanctuary home into an interior cell or is that a lot of work?

Itay T says:

Thank you very much :)

YAVAL Entertainment says:

Nice mod u made urself mate!

SyniZure says:

Great video, as usual! Thank you for your time!

M Wing says:

Pretty cool stuff! I am a newbie to the Creation Kit and and tried some things already. Fallout New Vegas had the G.E.C.K. and it was fun as well. It is so cool that Bethesda has allowed the Player to make/design their own space/objects and use them in the game and also share them with other players. I think Bethesda is the only company that allows the player to manipulate their games at an in-depth level. My goal is to be able to design my own objects and bring them into game. I am an avid Blender user so I have a leg up on my goal. Hope you continue on with this line! :O)

emmiemouse says:

This was such an easy to follow tutorial. I've muddled through a few hours trying to decipher the Creation Kit – then I found your tutorial …OMG! It's PERFECT! I appreciate the way that you provide the hot key references. I also like the way you describe each step, pausing between to let the viewer understand and examine what you've just done …no ranting, babbling, or speeding through the motions. I actually watched and re-watched all 45 minutes of this …will definitely be watching again …there's just SOOOoo much goodness in here. Brilliant!!!! Thanks!!!!

Firefly says:

Waiting for the attachment guide :)! Ps. You deserve more subs.

napple says:

thx bro pretty helpful

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