Fallout 4 Creation Kit – House Upgrades (Activator Method)

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Upgrade Script – https://www.dropbox.com/s/g5ghzzicudk7b2r/Upgrade%20Script.txt?dl=0


seth schutz says:

Here is a question for you.  You can use DisableWhenAble() to "delay" when the disabling is done but I cannot seem to find an Object Reference Script for "delaying" Enable().  Would you just use EnableWhenAble()?

3sgtecelica says:

Awesome Tutorial! However, when I try to create the _UpgradeMessageBoxScript, I get an error that says "The Parent Script does not exist, please choose one that does."

Any ideas why its doing that?

Edit: Nevermind, the Creation Kit just has a Base.Zip folder that need to be moved to the Data folder. Makes me wonder why CK doesn't just add the files to Data folder when downloaded in the first place….

Thomas King says:

Hey dude! Loving your tutorials. They've been helping me a lot with my mods since I'm a total noob. I was wondering if you could make a quick tutorial on how to make custom categories for the workshop menu. I've created a bunch of paintings but they are all currently inside "Decorations > Wall Decorations > Paintings" which is making the list much longer than it needs to be lol. If I could add a new category I could split my paintings from the vanilla paintings.

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