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Close As leaders in the thermoplastics industry, ICI has adapted their unique modular technology to the growing needs of the worldwide Prefabricated Modular Housing market. With the increasing demand for quick to assemble, affordable housing in developing countries and natural disaster zones, ICI’s innovative Prefabricated Modular Housing system fills the void with a simple, structurally sound, energy efficient and sustainable building product. A key component of ICI’s composite panels is their unique thermoplastic fibre reinforced composite skin material. This skin, owned and manufactured exclusively by ICI, forms the outer layer of the panels and offers unmatched durability and strength to these lightweight panels. The special manufacturing process ensures the bonds between the fibres and thermoplastic material are nearly impenetrable. Impact resistant, impervious to water and made with 100% recyclable materials, the thermoplastic fibre reinforced composite skin material gives ICI’s Structure-Lite panels their incredible durability and versatility. Unlike most fibre-reinforced materials, the thermoplastic skin can also be formed into various shapes, making it ideal to use in the transportation and marine industries. Their exclusive SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) system allows for virtually unlimited design possibilities, ranging from simple emergency shelters to expansive family homes. Their incredible energy efficient systems are also ideal


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