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Close this film shows how a pile of earth, dug out from the building site, is turned into a small house called Eco- Dome (moon cocoon model), using the Superadobe technology. It documents how professionals and students from many countries training at Cal-Earth Institute built this structure. It is intended for use with materials and tools developed for instruction during the apprenticeship retreat at Cal-Earth. Superadobe technology was first presented by the architect to NASA for lunar habitats, and can build single or clustered homes on earth which are resistant to fire, floods, wind storms and earthquakes.


FoxyMamaRox says:

LOL do you realize I don’t care? 😀 The fact is that this link was SPAMMED on a site where it was not welcome. It’s great and good if you wanna live in hippie land, but that doesn’t give someone the right to go around link dropping. This was ALL OVER a cosplay site, and the moderator had to spend a long amount of time deleting it. That’s what I was upset about. Thanks for trying to single me out to feel bad…but um…FAIL.

Marcus Nilsson says:

LOL! Do you realize how that sounds?
Someone is posting a video about houses that could revolutionize the world if used correctly on a site dedicated to dressing up as fictional characters. Yeah we better know that is happening, such an outrage.
While you’re at it you can tell us about that guy who said something about you in school. Just so we all know, maybe someone would care.

danahsutton101 says:

Mud Hut!

descaiger says:


Sunbun97 says:

and on deviantart too

bensons999 says:

PLANS and BAGS = $3,200


crimson coin says:

I dont like it,..oops

vikingsls says:

This is highly cool. I’m gonna build one of these for my family when the time comes. Also does anybody know if this design was used in Haiti for reconstruction? I know they were working on a prototype in 2010 specifically for Haiti’s conditions (climate, politics, etc) but I don’t know where it went…

Capefootprints says:

Nice. You can check my sandbag house in South Africa called Cape Footprints. A wonderful SEA FACING house built with my own hands.

FoxyMamaRox says:

Somebody is spamming this link all over a cosplay image site. I hope you know that.

waterski179 says:

i kno its annoying

michael f says:

How much would it cost to build something like this? (1 home-this size)

I want to invest in an entire community in my future. Somebody with authentic knowledge please contact me.

Blessings and Love.

archaeologicalpark says:

wow, the first image is a freakin’ bulldozer. stupid. ridiculous. insane.

FranklinReciever10 says:

That is so fucking cool. I would live in one in a heartbeat!

SuperGreatSphinx says:

Never underestimate the power of persistance…

yomaster12345 says:

Lol, spamming the shit out of Rule34 ain’t gonna do anything. 😛

Tamkin Riaz says:

 Marshah’Allah Subhan’Allah


Minuvash says:

مهمترین کار اکنون تبدیل کردن آرامگاه رضا شاه بزرگ است به یک باغ زیبا با گلها و توت ها و میوه های فراوان برای احترام به هویت ایران و ایرانیان و آنگاه گردآمدن برای تبادل افکار و برنامه ریزی برای دوباره زنده کردن دادگستری ایرانی. بهترین بذر شاهدانه را بکارید تا دادگستری ایرانی دیگر بار پدید آید
خداوند بهرام و کیوان و شید
کزویم نوید و بدویم امید
بفرمود تا پارسی و دری
نبشتند و کوتاه شد داوری
نبشتنده ی نامه خسروی
نبد آن زمان جز خط پهلوی
شاهنامه فردوسی

peaceinstead says:

Thank you! I will be visiting you soon:)

juan miguel Videla says:

Cuesta 17 000 dolares construir un domo como el que describes?

Kiriana says:

looks like the cute roundish dragonball houses, I want one!

simplicityairjesus says:

concepts are awesome thinking, but to be given wisdom and then charging someone for what you got for free, god gives to all men freely, we are stooping to satan when we charge each other for what god gives us. because we live in satans world we are only to dream of what being free is really like in gods, until the debt is paid in full we will be destined to live like satans kids. and hate hurt an curse each other, we are satans making, he killed the redemer even is spirit lives flesh, love love

ShellyManne1 says:

I have been to this place with a friend who has helped build homes like this one. As I recall this dome was about 400 sq ft. and cost about $17,000 to make which includes permits and all materials. It is essentially one dome room with 3 extremely small rooms around each 90 degrees of the dome – bathroom, sleeping room, and kitchen – The section of the dome without a small room is the entrance. Very cool place to visit and the public is allowed in once a month for free.

KamenDesantis says:

Concerning cost, Calearth now sells a kit specifically for this house designed as a next step up after building the emergency dome shelter. Info on it can be found here:
The cost includes plans and bags, as well as instructional videos and books. Cost is currently $3,200. Factoring in building permits, barbed wire, cement for stabilized earth, arch forms, windows, doors, plumbing, probably still under 6 grand. Not bad all!

theShice says:

Welsh Cob buiders say a house needs good boots and a hat. You’ll need a good drainage system and strong insulation. Propping up the weather-facing walls (usually north) with strawbale insulation and maybe erathberms is a good way to conserve heat. You might want to elevate your building site and construct water runoff retention space lower down on the property aswell. The “hat” comes in the shape of weather-proof, overhanging roof.

whatsgoingon07 says:


fakiir says:

boob house. im totally there!

smuggecko says:

some sweet info here

Unguidedone says:

wtf is this shit “GOD” fuck off

William Ellerbe says:

I *will* be re-sharing this video through Google+ as we speak. As I continue to read about hurricanes and earthquakes, I look at traditional home construction and I continue to shake my head. WHY? Many of the ridiculously “High Priced” homes are NOT designed with hurricanes in mind, and houses split in TWO by nearby trees cost people even more money. Time to embrace an eco-friendly building technique.

TheOneAndOnlyMichel says:

And with those bags, filled with the local soil you build your house. Extra cost comes from the barbed wire needed, and windows, flooring, tools and household items ofcourse, that is logical and you can make it as expensive as you want. The idea is to go to South America somewhere, land is still cheap there for now, and build a small village and grow our own food and perhaps turn part op it into a small tourist-stay where they can come to relax and ride on a horse, whatever

TheOneAndOnlyMichel says:

I think it isn’t above 3,000 USD. The bags that are used is the only thing you need to buy, those come rolled up, these rolls are the most expensive. I am not sure how much of the roll is used for one medium sized ecodome, but I figure if you use the whole roll, then it costs 2,000-3,000 USD. So if you own a house now, and sell it with a litle profit, you can build a small village of these. Let me know if you are interested in doing so, I am making a plan/project for a small village.

xrnts says:

never saw anything like this before, am going to the web site to see what is possible in wet old Ireland, maybe start off with a garden shed to see how that goes.
anyone in Ireland got a shovel and a strong back? fancy digging for more then tatties?
translation for non Irish, tatties=spuds=potatoes.

RealPantin says:

Lets build our selves a home 🙂

rollinswitch says:

Does this method work in wet regions? How is the structure insulated for cold regions?

billman2112 says:

I want one.

sittingduck57 says:

Hey! It’s the Dos Eqis guy!

rawmark says:

@11mac11s An earthbag home can be build with burlap bags. The benefit of building with earthbags is that you can create the same kind of a structure as a cob home but don’t have to dig as deeply to get to the clay. Also, with earthbags there is no need to mix with straw. Various options exist like volcanic ash or rice hulls that make this house indestructible. There are benefits to cob and earthbag but one is not better than the other. However, earthbag building is more economical.

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