Duany Flatpack Prefab Unveiled, 1000 Shelters to be Donated to Haiti

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“Duany Flatpack Prefab Unveiled, 1000 Shelters to be Donated to Haiti

” “Just after the tragic earthquake in Haiti, we wrote about the plans from renowned Miami architect Andres Duany for a temporary flat pack housing system. The initial design proposed a small cabin style home with a simple frame, netted sides and a supported awning. Over the past month Duany conducted research together with sociologists and anthropologists to refine the design for 1000 of these houses that will be donated to Haiti by composite panel manufacturer Innovida.
During his research, Duany says that his team was able to identify four separate classes of Haitians that live in very different ways, and that each home is tailored to their specific needs. To exemplify the model that will be donated, Duany’s revamped design for the since named “Le Cabanon,” home was prototyped and painted a pleasant aqua color for its unveiling last week at a press conference in Miami.

Le Cabanon homes are deceivingly simple structures that can sleep 8 people in an open floor plan with bunk beds. The construction would only take a few days, and initial tests show that the structure is earthquake proof and will withstand 155mph winds. The one room structure has a faucet that is connected to rain water tanks on the roof, so that the tenants would have potable water. However, there is no bathroom, as it is expected that water will not be available in many areas to use for a toilet. The original idea for nets on the building’s sides was traded for solid walls that would be assured to withstand the country’s rainy season.


Paul Dailey says:

To be or not to be…delivered? Nothing much in the way of promises fulfilled up to now. Why should the Haitian future be different?

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