DiY: Toddler House Bed Measurements (4K)

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Let’s get right into it, there where three different wood sizes used to build this bed: 2×4, 2×3 and 1×4

2x (2×4) Bottom side frame 74 inches
2x (2×4) Bottom head /foot board frame 35 inches
8x (2×4) Bed slats 35 inches
4x (2×3) Frame to roof poles 55 inches
4x (2×3) Head /foot board fence holder 35 inches
2x (2×3) Side fence holders 74 inches
31x (1×4) Fence panels 17 inches
2x (2×3) Head /foot board roof 35 inches: remember will have to be customize
2x (2×3) Side and roof 74 inches: The lights are hanging from it
4x (2×3) Roof head /foot board 29 inches


Travis Kokaliares says:

Awesome job! My wife's been bugging me about making my daughter a bed. This is the first video I watched and because of your awesome work, I don't have to watch any more.

Carolina Hernandez says:

is that a toddler or twin bed?

Keezee ! says:

super good! totally helps with my lil sister did 0f the r00m

Wilson Augusto says:

Perfect, this information will help me a lot!!!! thank you

Raka Valentim says:

ficou lindo

Krystal Gannon says:

what a good daddy! such an awesome job thank you for the tutorial and measurements I am going to make one for my son!

YoutubeN' on a Budget says:

No problem Good Luck if possible send me a picture when complete at

Olesea Nichols says:

how much your total came up to??just for the wood, without the mattress? ???

Kristi Odom says:

Getting ready to make one for my little girl! So glad to find your videos! Super helpful!

Megsteez says:

Is this a twin mattress or crib?

taymara1 says:

How much does it cost to make it?

Mary Ferman says:

This is great! Thank you!

Porshe Irvin says:

Thanks so much for the video and measurements.

michael mansfield says:

Awesome man! Thanks for the follow-up video. I was just getting ready to wing it off of your first video.

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