DIY Home Theater Room – Paint color & type

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The ceiling is painted in Behr Premium Plus Interior Flat. I find Behr to be the best. From what I can tell it just covers better. But I’m not a pro painter so if anyone has a differing opinion, please share.


razberryclownsac says:

I've got a room that's gonna be my media room. Think we're gonna scrape the ceiling (popcorn) and paint it in the next couple weeks. Do you think my walls being textured will be a problem? We were just gonna paint them and be done with it.

Antony Schaffer says:

hope youv upgraded that tv 😛

Danny Miller says:

Hi use eggshell finish for the paint..You should've painted the grills the same color as the walls

Maya Virgo says:

but what is the color on the wall and the ceiling for that matter?

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