DIY Home studio, panels, hedgehogs and cladding

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cladding osb step with oak boards, flea ridden hedgehog wants to come in the studio.


flyingfisbeefilms says:

@garryentropy Cool! Don’t invite me I’m shit at all this music shit!

flyingfisbeefilms says:

So when can I come and jam with you and your hedgehog?

audiobunch says:

adopt the hedgehog !

Durchbrechen says:

@garryentropy you could try to put some drops of Frontline (TM) on that
poor hedgehog. Not the amount necessary for a dog, though.

garryentropy says:

@flyingfisbeefilms ok i will come and visit you

garryentropy says:

@goodagofilms thats a good idea, but did you see all the fleas crawling on
its head best garry

atomicpollywaffle says:

Hi Gary, love the series. Could you please do all you viewers a HUGE favor
and rename your videos, so they have a consistent format? Eg. #1 Home
Studio .. #2 Home Studio … or Home Studio 1, Home Studio 2 etc. It would
make all you effort so much more worthwhile if it was easier to follow
progress step by step. For me your playlist is also out of order and jumps
backwards and forwards. So frustrating as I would like to see things in
order (no I am not German 🙂 ). Thanks, atomic

garryentropy says:

@flyingfisbeefilms I am planning a studio christening jam session, as soon
as I have rounded up the usual musical suspects I will let you know.

Jack Jones says:

If you catch that hedgehog, kill it! skin it! You could wrap the skin
around the pipe on the steps. So the spikes could be used as a shoe
scrapper before you enter the Studio. Just a thought! ( I’v had a bad day )

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