DIY Home Renovation Shopping Vlog

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Check out Part 2 – Installing and using everything we bought, plus more DIY around the house! – coming tomorrow.


xthexcolorxredx says:

Actually you didn’t tell us you got a Dyson! 😉 You said you wanted to get
one, and then I saw it in the backseat, and I was like, “Oh they bought
it!” So Chad was right :p

uglybobswife says:

when we redid our bathroom we were going to do the heated floor but the
flooring lady talked us out of it…she said when i go through menopause
i’ll thank her – hahahaha …. i know the uglyone has enjoyed the cold tile
floor when he has had one 2 many ;o)

ChristyTV300 says:

shhh don’t tell him he’s right!! haha

CSLT99 says:

Ooo yay heated bathroom floor! Exciting 🙂 Love the faucet that has the
sensor on it! You’ll have to let us know how you like it in a later vlog!

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