DIY Home Made RCA -10dB Attenuators

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Here is a video on some DIY Attenuators I made, after doing a fair amount of research online I decided to attempt this myself. I was so pleased with the results I made this video to show other people

Links to sites I found useful:………


tuturtle says:

Hello, Thanks for making this video. Hopefully it'll help get the word out there. In my experience if attenuators are needed they go from being worthwhile to absolutely necessary on some equipment. I make my own as well built into cables, just a simple L attenuator, very simple but fiddly!

150mv input sensitivity is normal on most equipment, you need 500mv or greater to alleviate CD voltage overload!

Nice bit of Pendulum too 😀 Cheers Tudor

dixielandfarm says:

Very good job… Tu Turtle (Tudor) has talked in the past about how loud some of those CD outputs can be… I gave up on a standalone and just use an optical cable from my DVD player, but this is a great video and certainly helps get the word out there… I was shocked at how much better my turntable sounded when I cranked down the gain and brought up the volume – the surface noise got reduced because it was simply too hot of a signal and would distort and be longer than it really was in actuality…

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