DIY Future House | Craft Ideas and Cardboard Houses for Kids on Box Yourself

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Let’s take an old, shabby house and renovate it for a better tomorrow! It all begins with a squiggle…

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Zuned Ahmed says:

so creative and smart

Marlen Sugia says:

הייגבר hey man

Overtom says:

he is crazy, I don't know if he is serious or joking, BUT I LOVE HIM! @Box Yourself

Kayla Pearce says:

Never mind I just found out how to share a video

Kayla Pearce says:

Does anyone know how to share a video. If so please reply

Kayla Pearce says:

Does anyone else just watch the videos and don't do them


can you show me how you do the sad house sir please♡♥★♡♡♡♡

Lalita Sheimar says:

was box yourself just a natural crafter??

Len Kagamine says:

ai là người việt xem video này điểm danh

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