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This tutorial will show you the basics of Navmeshing your house/dungeon in the Skyrim Creation Kit. Navmeshing can be very annoying but you will get familiar with it and gradually become quicker at Navmeshing and have your new cell navmeshed before you know it. Hope this can help a few people out with NPC following issues and other such problems. The tutorial should also help with exterior cells where you have to link the edges together.

Please check out the rest of my channel for other tutorials on the Skyrim Creation Kit and please check out my website which has all the latest news and links to social sites.

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George Calma says:

how to make a bridge(that green line)?

YTBeth says:

So need a guide on ext. navmesh (which seems be nearly non-existent).  Like what to do with the existing navmesh in the vanilla game?

YTBeth says:

Another skyrim modder's lifesaving vid. from Darkfox127.  Thank you for all the work you do for us!


Thanks DarkFox you are the best

Mariah Long says:

Does anyone know if you can navmesh each room as you build them or if you have to do it once the building is finalized.

dave hug says:

once you finalized how do you un-finalize to edit again?

Pulseczar1 says:

Are you saying "verticals" for "vertices"?

Agnon Wolf says:

Darkfox i love you man! when ever i have a creation kit problem you seem to have uploaded the solution! Been working on an exterior cell for a while now and have been torn when ever the navmesh wouldn't add up! You are a saint mate!

stephen brown says:

Great tutorial. When you went to the exterior cell you showed how to manipulate the "green bridge". However you didn't say how to create one or what it's technical name is. If you get a second could you post that info please. Thanks

OneLincolnSix says:

If i let it generate it says "Recast failed to produce any triangles from the given input. Try reducing the Region Min Size parameter when generating smaller areas." I reduced it a few times. Even 0 didnt work. Can i use one of the other generation types? Also what generation type do i need to use for an exterior cell?

ConnorMysticGuitar says:

I've made an Innkeeper and when he had to show the room he got stuck in the storage, so I used preferred pathing, but he still walks into the storage and stands still there. I've looked through his packages and the script, but there is no reason why he is doing that. Do you know a solution?

TheSaphira2000 says:

what if i'm navmeshing a house and there is a door (no load screen. same cell) and i want to navmesh the other side of the door. do i have the navmesh seperate by room or do i keep the navmesh connected in the doorway. would a NPC open the door?
i hope you understand what im saying…

Darkfox127 says:

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll be looking at doing this tutorial new and fresh as it's pretty old now and I know a little more on navmeshing.

Mona Hickok says:

What I like about your tutorials is that you cover the toolbar, point out possible problems to be aware of, and point out different effects that this information could be used to create. Then my own imagination can take the information to use it in my own mod. In other words, the information is not too narrow; you open up the possibilities. Thank you for another good tutorial as usual.

NinjaPatriot says:

No offense, but its vertices (vurt-eh-sees), not verticles.

used to them from blender/3ds. but i know how it is when u start calling something a word, its hard to change 😛 great tutorial though m8

Darkfox127 says:

Yes, it's called navmesh cutting and SuperNastyPants who brought Build Your Own Home covers it in a Skyrim Resource on the Nexus. Cannot find the link again so if you do some digging. Also try the Creation Kit wiki, it may cover it somewhere.

Who Really Gives a Crap says:

Just to state it better, I want to phase out a nav mesh when new furniture is purchased with a new one so NPC's can get around the room. Is it possible to do this?

callawaydavisdi says:

Thank you for covering exterior navmesh that helped me a lot

tuesdayyyCSS1337 says:

great tutorial :)!

Darkfox127 says:

Thats fine, glad the new tutorial is better than the last.

madpleasure says:

Great tutorial. Sadly I had to find out about the alt click the hard way, lol. I didn't know you could tab through the points. =) Thank you for covering the exterior as well, I've had that problem a few times.

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